Newbie Closing up complicated polygon


I am trying to sketch out my roof and can’t seem to get the final two sides to get a face. I was wondering if anyone has any tips.

So far I have turned on edges to be colored by axis and that helped. But I am down to the last two faces.

… any thoughts?



See that line right there, it’s out of plane with that other line. Problem solved.



I think you’re under the impression this is the psychics’ convention. That’s just down the hall.



LOL… Thanks I feel like I am going crazy… I tried uploading a file but it did not like the format (.3ds). would like to show the real problem if I can.


I’m sure we’d all like that.



house.skp (172.9 KB)

Ok try this… I just uploaded the whole file.


One thing you may find helpful in using the “on face” inference. You start a line, move the cursor to one of your roof facets and press shift. Then you can move to another vertex and hopefully form a face.


house ss.skp (166.5 KB)


Thanks Shep. Wow… That worked! It took a little while to get the hang of it, but I got er done!

Thanks again!


Cool, it’s probably worth noting that I didn’t really go through the roof model looking for symmetry. Also, the color by axis thing is virtually worthless at least when it comes to small errors. Don’t trust it.



Another note: if you do what Shep suggested and the faces disappear when you delete the interior edges, that is proof that your points are not co-planar. You can form a triangular face with any three points, but for more than three they must all be in the same plane.