Can't Flatten Roof Faces

I have a roof with a joining shed section… The shed section has 4 faces and it should be 2. I have tried fixing this with my editing and also some plug-ins.
Seems everything I do makes it worse… any help from some professional users would be appreciated… just getting frustrated with this.
On a minor note… is there a way to join the edges of the faces. I pulled the faces up which separated the joining lines.
Regards… and eternal thanks to those that help…
Roof.skp (118.1 KB)

If I view your model in monochrome, I see this, and can’t work out how the shed roof is only supposed to be two faces. Should it be flat?

And two of the faces are reversed (blue grey, not white).



When you need to add edges that make triangles in order to get faces to form, that should be your clue that the surrounding edges don’t lie in the same plane. If you don’t want the triangles, you need to move the vertices so they are all planar. This is fundamental Geometry 101.

As for the Push/Pull thing, you can move edges together to close up the gaps. An easier route would be to use Joint Push/Pull from Sketchucation to extrude the faces.

John also points out that you’ve got some reversed faces. Best practice is to avoid applying textures until your geometry is done correctly. Masking problems is usually not a good option.

Hi Keny, hi folks.

Click in sequence on the scenes tabs of this file for ideas.

Shed roof problem.skp (196.3 KB)

OT: Wish I could get this sort of help with other softwares!

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Thanks for all your effort… Need to step through this to understand it more but I get the concept (I think). The only deviation from my sketch is that there no apex on the shed. The far side is up against a wall and there is a slight slope to the main roof… I realize that the intersection with the main roof might need to change… as long as I maintain some kind of slope it will be good…