Building a shed-roofed structure

hope I’m posting this in the correct place B>)
I’m designing a single-pitch shed roof structure and I’m have trouble (new user, BTW)
I can create the basic structure in 3D, but could use some help with the interior walls. When using the offset tool, I can set the wall thickness, but i can’t figure out how to raise the interior walls to match the angle of the exterior walls. Google has been no help and I haven’t seen anything in the extensions that seems useful. I’m not planning on adding any construction details (i.e. framing).
If anyone can direct me to tutorials/videos ( I’ve spent quite a bit of time looking) or a page in the manual, I would be most appreciative!
BTW, it appears roofing will also be a challenge, so insights on that will also be helpful . . . B>)
Thanks in advance,
Richmond, Virginia, USA

post your skp file so we can evaluate it…


Interior walls.skp (144.5 KB)

Hope that uploaded correctly, I did add additional interior walss, but all had the same issue so I eliminated them in the upload; anything else I can do?
Thanks for the quick reply!


Create the stud wall, then select the top plate and the tops of the studs. Use the Rotate tool to create the incline.

If you don’t know about groups/components, then you should look them up.

Here’s a basic idea of a shell using components. The left side and the right side are the same component flipped.

I push/pull the 4 walls up, then cut the sides (both at the same time) using line tool and push pull. Then I use that edge to draw lines on the front and back to split the face to be push pulled through.

You could hide those inner edges using the Eraser tool while holing the Shift key

many thanks! Just starting, so I (obviously) have a LOT to learn! - I’m sure I’ll have more questions . . . B>)

The idea is basic but I thought it might help. Make sure you model accurately entering dimensions using the tools (I didn’t to make the gif shorter so it uploaded).

I like the “Master SketchUp” videos on you tube, they are old now but I think they introduce ideas well.

Good luck.

Have started on the tutorials, thanks again (to all) . . .

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