Interior Wall of any vehicle


I would like some advice on how to make my work more easier. What I wanted to know are there any plugins that can allow me to create an interior wall inside of any vehicle such as a truck or a car without making a huge messy work. Or are there methods that could help me with creating an interior wall. I would appreciate your helping with this.

If you have any questions, then do not hesitate to ask.


It would be nice to see where things currently stand with your model so far.

I think i’d do this sort of work by lofting cross sections together and manually connecting them where necessary.

… and possible just by extruding a cross sectional face along a path using the follow me tool.

Alright, i will post a picture in here. if you don’t mind.

so here’s the picture below:

Are you just looking to offset all the surfaces by the same distance?

Or are the interior walls to follow along a different set of contours?

the first option A, yes I am trying to offset all of the surfaces by the same distance.

The quick method: Make a copy of the shell, paste it in place, then scale the copy around center (hold down option on Mac, I think Ctrl key on Windows).

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Do you mind change your Truck cab.skp to a 2017 Sketchup Make

I wasn’t sure of what you are talking about? Is it fine if you could make a video or a GIF of what you’re trying to say

truck cab (2017).skp (556.6 KB)

Thank you for changing it to 2017. I see your example, it’s an interesting method.


Yes, I am traveling so working from my phone right now, I’ll get you one in a few hours, if no one else post one before.

easy way also, since your faces are correctly orientated, select all and use the plugin “joint push pull” by fredo6. Just two clicks ! Make sure the finishing option “thicken” (keep original faces) is ticked before validation

Alright. I have tried Joint Push Pull but for some reason, it shows me an error message. No matter how I do it, I still get the same error message. It must be the model that is not allowing it for some reason

If you don’t mind making one. I am quite an open mind. I would like to learn any new methods. it’s all welcome.

Hey @Sparda , Sorry I got stuck in Detroit for a bit without my computer. Here is a quick example of scaling a version of the shell to create an inner skin. This is a quick but not necessarily pretty way to get an internal surface and might work depending on what you need the model for. You can stitch the two skins together but it can be tedious and there are other methods including plugins that are viable.

If you do attempt this route, make the outer skin component unique so you can work on either one while hiding the other and make separate changes to each shell.


I don’t know that method exist!

thank you for sharing with me.

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