Interior Angled Ceilings

Hi. I’m sorry this is so basic, but I’m just starting.
I’ve watched plenty of videos and searched help, but I can’t work this out.

Basically I’m trying to model the interior only of a bedroom, that has different sloped ceilings at both ends. A basic rectangle shape on the right I can put a roof on, doors, etc no problem, but I can’t figure out how to introduce the sloping element of the walls.

I tried 2 methods.

1). line tool to draw it flat, then push pull out, but then I need to close off the sides and make the walls the correct thickness.

2). Rectangle, offset, then push pull up. I tried to then use lines to make a point to angle the walls, but I just can’t get that to work.

The ceilings look like the left image, but I need to know the best way to start this.


I’d be inclined to draw the side profile and pushpull it across.

I would have separate groups for floor, walls, and roof. I would start with the walls. Make a rectangle and offset for the walls, delete the surface created between them. Push/pull up for height. Make group. Then do the roof/ceiling and floor and make each its own group.