Stretching one end of a wall up

How do I stretch one end of a wall higher than the other? Such as in creating a shed roof.

It depends how you’ve create the model. Perhaps you could share the SKP file?

Move the short top edge of the wall up.
SketchUp’s geometry is sticky and drags the vertices on one end up.

Use the Move tool, normally locking it to the vertical (blue) axis, using the Up Arrow key.

If your walls have thickness, select the horizontal line at the upper end that defines the end you want to raise. If your walls haven’t got thickness yet, don’t select anything but choose the Move tool, hover over the corner you want to raise, click there, then tap the Up Arrow key to lock the move to up/down, move to where you want it, then click again.

I’ve tried that following the blue axis and it’s always askew.

Then follow DaveR’s advice, and upload your model so we can see what’s happening.

If your wall is a component or group, you have to open it for editing first.

If it isn’t yet in a component or group, make it into one asap.

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stretch test.skp (186.1 KB)

You’ve squashed the link over to the right, but I’ve downloaded the file anyway.

Which end of what wall do you want to raise?

The high one by the figure of Marc?

If so, first delete the unneeded vertical lines inside the high wall. Then do as previously suggested, to get this:

Do you want the end walls to have the same slope and the long side walls will need?

Maybe like this?

I am trying to raise the short wall next to mark to be even with the higher wall.

yes like that

The easiest way to do that is to draw a line from the outside top of the high wall to the far right outside corner of the further low wall. Then push pull the face in.

First this

then finish the pushpull to thicknees, and delete the horizontal line.


Probably the easiest thing is to raise the walls above where you want to cut them off and draw a rectangle at the slope of the roof line. Select all of the geometry, right click and choose Intersect Faces>With Selection. Then erase what isn’t the walls of your shed.

Johns method takes care of nearly all of it except the top of the high wall.

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That’s about the only thing I didn’t try.


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And if you want the high wall top to slope parallel to the sloping wall, select its outside edge, raise with Move tool on blue axis to lie in the plane of the slope.

Accidentally turned on Back Edges by tapping the K key (remember it as bacK edges). Tap it again to toggle off.

Dave’s method is more general however, and well worth following. His advice is always both good and exceptionally quick!

Thanks! You guys just saved me from going completely bald by pulling my hair out.

We wouldn’t want to put your barber out of a job. :wink:

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You have a single reversed face for your floor. I’d suggest giving it some thickness, then make it into a component. Do the same for the walls, either all as one, or in separate walls for each side.

Is the floor going to be a foundation slab under the walls, or just a screed within them?

This is just a model to tinker with while trying to learn some of the basics. Total beginner!