What's the best way to raise a wall that slants on the sides?

Slanted wall.skp (139.3 KB)
I need to raise this wall - part of a larger model too large to upload - by 10’.
The problem is the sides have to maintain their 11.31 degree slant.
If I pushpull it loses the slant at the ends and goes vertically.
If I use scale it averages out the slant and I lose the essential angle.
Do I just need to pushpull and then cut out the excess or is there a better way? I also have a bunch of internal slanted walls and columns I have to do the same thing for too, so the more efficiently I can do this the better (the columns, at least are part of a group).

Here’s one idea:

Use the line tool to extend each of the four corner edges up to the desired height, join their tops, and then delete the old top edges.

To extend an edge, activate the line tool, hover over that edge, then press shift key to lock inference. Continue holding down shift while you click on the end of the edge and move the cursor up to where you want the new end of the edge, then click to set the length.

Extend one corner to the right height, as Steve suggests (while in the model context, not editing the wall), then open the wall for editing.

Select the top surface - double click it to get face and edges, or window select it.

Then just Move the top face to the end of the line.

Then delete the line. Or use a Tape Measure guideline in the first place.

Thanks. I will try that. It will be helpful to be able to extend the sloping walls properly as the building rises, though it looks like I will be working on the ground floor, and below, for a while (flood zone mitigation is a bit of a bear at the moment and effects the overall design).

My method would be to start by deleting everything except the front face. Then create a construction line 10’ above the top line. Draw a parallelogram representing the extended face of the wall. Delete the line representing the top of the original wall so you have a single face. Push-pull to wall thickness. Voila!

In my GIF, I have reduced the length of your wall to make it more manageable. In practice, you wouldn’t do that.