Window in 45 deg wall help

I’m trying to build my house as it sits today so that I can play around with doing some remodeling. I’m just starting out, but know some basics. I have floor done, walls and started knocking holes for doors and windows. I’m stuck on a bay window or alcove. On one side of my house a portion sits out with 2 45 deg walls with windows in them. I have done all the same steps for a normal wall, but when I use the push/pull tool it doesn’t work. It makes a box sticking out the other side.

I have tried drawing lines over and over making sure all connection are there. I tried drawing the window in and deleting surfaces and no luck. So I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong or how to handle it.

Any tips or suggestions?


could you post the model, its possible the wall @ 45 degrees is not parallel

up load here

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Ah I didn’t think I could being new, but hopefully this worked. I put in a couple windows that aren’t exact, but just to get the idea across on what I’m trying to do. test model home.skp (202.6 KB)

The walls are a bit out of parallel.


Ah I see. I’m not that good at using the protractor. I watched a few vids but still a little confusing. I will try it again. Hopefully once I get them parallel it will work. I will report back once I can.


Here’s an easy way to lay out a floorplan keeping the walls parallel.



I’d also recommend maxing the precision in window>model info>units. Keep an eye out for ~ in the measurement window too. This means you don’t have exactly 60° for example.

Here’s the model with the bay straightened out a bit.
test model home ss.skp (125.7 KB)


Ok, I started over from scratch on the bay window section that is. I got my angles at 60 deg exact. I haven’t gotten to trying to put in a window yet, but I used push pull to pull up the wall. Check angles at the top and they still look good. I delete a few lines and connect others to fill in wall surfaces. I get to my last one and once I connect it, the whole floor comes up to the top. I can’t figure out why. Is there an easy way to find what probably is a line intersection that isn’t quite connecting?

I can attach my model again, but having someone else do it really doesn’t help me learn :).


What do you mean by that exactly. Are you getting a surface in the middle of all the walls similar to a “ceiling”? What happens when you delete this new surface?

See images, when I put in the line highlighted in yellow, the floor then pops up and fills to the top of the walls.

That is because when you added the line (in yellow) you not only created a surface within the limits of your walls, but the line created a surface within the context of all the other wall lines. Just delete it.

It is not the floor “popping up”. It is another surface at the top of the walls.

Just delete what? I need to complete that wall. Are you referring to the vertical line, then connect my last line?

Select and delete the face covering the top (the “ceiling”).

SU is hard-wired to create a face any time certain conditions are met. It doesn’t know that there may be cases where you want it left open, so just delete it. You may have to delete it more than once if the conditions are still met and that area is “touched” again.


haha yeah on my drive home I thought maybe that was what pault728 meant. I just tried and will now try my windows.


argh, so I got that wall to complete and now the top header surface all around my walls is gone and I can’t get the other side to fill in. I keep deleting and re drawing lines. Just can’t figure it out. Thought I was doing good. Don’t know what I will do when I start my roof :D. Anyway I will work on it a little more and if I can get it, I might upload it again in hope someone else might be able to help me again.


This is the side now. Completely block in, even redraw all lines around open face and it doesn’t fill. Not even the top sill which should all be enclosed too.

Can you fix it this way?


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Yes, finally. I got it. Gully when I tried your method it worked but then my wall to the left was out of wack and wouldn’t fill in. So I went back to the start with just a straight wall, then cut in my bay window from scratch. And presto got it.

Thanks a bunch to all those that helped and posted ideas. I hope it will be worth it in the end. Get my house in as it sits today, then start looking at remodel ideas.

FWIW, often when that happens there is something out of parallel. To check, go to the Styles pane, click Edit, check Edges, select Color: By Axis. Make sure all the verticals are blue and the main grid is red or green.

The fix Gully suggested is to pull and move to be sure you are getting things parallel. I have found that when I move fast, even though I wait for inference, SU sometimes draws things a bit skewed. The difference is frustratingly minuscule— on one model it was listed in the millionths of an inch. Pulling planes and moving lines helps avoid this.