Cannot punch through wall to create window

For some reason I am unable to push through a wall to make a window. The push/pull tool worked perfectly on one face of my building, but its not working on another.

Any ideas?New RLC August 2018.skp (453.3 KB)

The inside and outside surfaces of your wall are slightly out of parallel.

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Push/Pull Training Video by SketchUp

OK thanks. Easiest way to fix to just delete the wall and redraw?

Unfortunately, that may be the case because of the intersecting inner partitions. The ends of those partitions may tend to “suck” the inner surface of the wall off of true red axis and make it difficult to fix (the outer surface is true to red axis).

I think you would benefits from learning about groups and components before you go any further.

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Thank you all for your help. I appreciate the quick responses. Working on a Monday deadline!