Unable to create just one window in one wall, but have been able to in other walls

Hello experts… hoping you can help me. I have been able to create a number of windows in my 3D model by creating a rectangle on the face of the wall and then using the push/pull tool to cut through. However on one wall I cannot do this, I don’t get the “on face” option showing up when I push through and it either extends out to the max , just doesn’t cut through or starts protruding the wrong way. I’ve even tried setting a distance with no luck.

I cannot work out what is different about this wall that is stopping me from doing this.

Any ideas please?
I’ve attached my model - you’ll see it’s the south west window at the front I am struggling with.

Many thanks

Exercise - House Model.skp (1.2 MB)

The inside and outside surfaces of that wall are not parallel. You can see from the leader texts I attached in the image that the inside is parallel to the green axis (second values are the same) whereas the outside is not (y values differ by about 6mm).

I’d recommend working more of the time in monochrome mode, as the very fuzzy effect in your rendered mode makes it hard to see where the edges really are!

Edit: monochrome also reveals that various of the faces in the model are reversed, showing the grey-blue back side color.

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Have a look at this - it sorted me out!

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Following on from @slbaumgartner you can spot misalignment a couple of other ways too. Changing the style to Color By Axis can help spot errors, But be aware it isn’t infallible as it has a tolerance that lets some tiny annoying inaccuracies slip through. But you can see here your wall is out by enough to show. The front horizontal edges are showing black when they should be red.

Another is the pushpull tool itself, if you can’t push back along a face but can go forward it is telling you the edges diverge. You can see it at the beginning of this gif. Then I show a simple way to remove and replace the wall correctly.
Off axis

A further note, you should look into using groups and components to isolate your geometry.


Which version of SketchUp are you using? Your profile is confusing.

Thank you… this really helps! I am following a course on the Interior Design Institute on this and the method for creating the floor plan is to import a model and draw the lines over. No mention of anything like this. Makes a lot of sense… thank you!

Wow… fantastic, thank you! You guys are so helpful… thanks for taking the time to put the solution video together! Much appreciated

Sketchup Pro 2021… think I am sorted with all the help I have been provided on here - so grateful!