Another cut out issue - I'm sorry - FIXED

I’m sorry - there are loads of these from Noobs and here is another.

I just want to make a window. I think ive done everything correctly. I go into the wall component, i draw my shape, i push it back and use the wall edges as a reference.

It seems to almost work. It pushes back but rather than cutting out it just seems to push back the front face onto the back leaving a 2D window rather than removing it completely. Tried a bunch of times but i cant get it right.

Im using 2017 free.

Any help well recieved.

house 1.skp (158.5 KB)

You almost did it right but ended up with two surfaces in competition. Just go in and select them and delete.

Using Push/Pull to make openings can be a bit hit and miss. Although it is supposed to say when you have reached the back surface, it is sometimes easier just to use inferencing and select something on the back.

Your back wall isn’t parallel to the front wall.
Not flat 1

Ah - sweet Jesus and the baby orphans!

Thank you - i think i may have tried to draw that wall rather than the tool as i am off axis because i am working in an octagon rather than a normal rectangle construct. The tool s got super sketchy when i was using them at the angles.

Thank you all.