Push / Pull not cutting through

hi all
Im new to sketch up. I am making an office, using imported dwg. image and I have traced over walls, created a group and extruded upward to height of office. I now want to cut rectangle for windows. I have selected edit group and drawn lines for the window, push/pull to extrude and push through. I get to “on face” but I cannot see through the rectangle. When I delete the final piece which is left, it deletes who whole back part of the wall. Im sorry but I am a beginner, but if anyone can direct me to a good tutorial for making window extrusions successfully I would be very grateful
Thank y9ou

Hi @Evergreen12.

Take a look at these videos you maybe find them useful.

If you still have some doubts add some screeshots and a .skp file with an example to be more specific.

Remember that when you do a selection drawing a rectangle you not only select what you see you also select elements that there are behind of what you see. Maybe the use of the X-Ray View temporaly can help you to identify what is selected before you delete anything.

Also, if the front and back faces of your walls are the slightest bit off parallel, your pushpull can’t cut the second face.

Did you use the Rectangle tool, or the Line too, to follow the floor plan? If the latter, it’s unfortunately easy to get fractionally off parallel if you are even slightly off an inference, or axis direction.

Is your Sketchup model origin close to where you are drawing? If you chose to preserve origin on a DWG import, that can also cause problems if the origin is very far away from your model.

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