Can't use push-pull tool to extend rectangle through wall

Going to get some frequent flyer points here. I have managed to draw walls into which I cannot cut window openings in usual manner. When I draw a rectangle on the wall and go to use the push-pull tool, the area of the rectangle is not isolated, the entire wall is selected. Been trying to hack a work around, no joy. If I draw a wall elsewhere in the model, everything works fine.
I apologize for the attached model. It began as a simple work up, but has been much modified over a couple of months as work was added and revised. Not well organized. Thanks for help if you can.
HRL Building.skp (15.6 MB)

Is this what you are after?
I copied the face that you had to the back so you can see it didn’t intersect with the rest of your framework…
I had to erase 4 little stray lines at the top of the windows to be able to close the top section, after that I could push pull all windows…

wall fixed.skp (213,9 KB)

Much appreciation, some understanding, will work with it.
My method is to create the wall and then use guide lines to sketch out windows and doors using the green, red or blue axis indicators as reference. Think that if my wall is not exactly in line with those axes, then my guidelines are not actually on the face, hence problem when I draw rectangles to those guides. Drawing circle direct on face and push-pulled through wall works fine.
Again, thanks for taking time to work through it.

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Turn off length snapping. Rely on the arrow keys to assist with the inferencing. Inference locking

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I couldn’t find anything out of plane on the wall, the little stray lines were preventing me to fill the top section of the wall…

Just getting started with SketchUp. I’ve made my first very simple model and went to cut a rectangular opening through a wall (any wall!). I’ve tried everything and yet I am unable to make an opening in any wall. I can extrude a rectangle out from the wall, or in from the inner surface of the wall, but I’m unable to create an opening through the wall (for a window or door). I can create a distinct rectangle, push it to make a “wall”, then place a rectangle on the “wall” and push it through to the opposite side to create an opening. But there must be something about the walls of my structure that is preventing me from creating the openings I desire. Any thoughts?
Kitchen1.skp (66.8 KB)

Each of your walls is a group. In order to modify the group in any way includsing cutting an opening for the door, you must first open the group for editing. Either double click on it with the select tool, right click on it and choose Edit Group, or select it and press Enter. Then draw the rectangle for the opening and push it through.

You should take the time to go through the instructional materials at

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