Why I am not able to use push pull tool in this box to create opening?

Why I am not able to use push pull tool in this box to create opening? What is it that I am doing wrong?
house layout.skp (563.0 KB)

It looks to me as if you drew the rectangle for the window ever so slightly off the wall plane. I deleted your geometry, drew a new rectangle on the surface and had no trouble. One thing that is likely contributing to the problem is that you have Length Snapping enabled in Model Info>Units. Most users work with that turned off.

It looks like maybe you already pushpulled the rectangle a bit forward from the wall in the window group. That will interfere with doing it again.

Why is it so that rectangles I am drawing are slightly off the plane? I disabled Units in Model Info but still the same problem recurred.

Are you using one of the arrow keys when drawing a rectangle, to force the rectangle ‘on axis’?

You should see the corresponding colour bold round the edges of the rectangle, and be able to select the face you are drawing on. And see the On Face inferences (blue diamonds here).


And as @slbaumgartner said, you had already pulled a rectangle away from the wall.

In addition, the rectangle you were trying to push through the wall was in a separate group or component - not in the context of the wall.

I deleted that then had no trouble creating a separate rectangular face in the context of the wall
… which pushpulls with no trouble to create an opening.

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