Push Pull Problem, read many posts, cannot figure out

Hi, Trying to choose window layouts for a house we are designing and will build ourselves. Have a bunch of doors and windows already created fine, and hit one wall that will not let me punch in a window. Have tried lots of things. Have rebuilt the wall. Have reversed faces. Have changed units and tuned off ‘enable length snapping’. Have tried xray view to see problems. When I draw the starting rectangle, it says ‘on face’. What have I done wrong? The only wall with windows right now is the back wall, and looking at the back (I think ‘standard view right’ gets you the right view, looking right to left are all working windows ending in the one that is just a rectangle on the face. That is the one I cannot get.
And thanks in advance for the assistance.design 8c_back_wall_windows.skp (14.4 MB)

Looks like you’ve done everything except the one thing you needed to do. That is to make sure the inside and outside faces are parallel. Here, you can see how the edges don’t actually lie on the inside face after pushing the rectangle through.
Screenshot - 2_1_2020 , 7_22_12 PM

You need to rework the walls so the faces are parallel.

If you zoom in close to the top of that part of the wall you can see some excess edges that need to be removed.

I’m kind of puzzled about your method of drawing the lines for the walls. Notice how the the outside corners whose coordinates are shown in red have the same X and Y values but the ones at the inside corner don’t. This means the edges surround that "wall are not coplanar so there’s no face.

And finally, you shouldn’t have exposed back faces when the walls are all closed up. There should only be white ones.

I would suggest that you work on getting the geometry correct before you start adding the materials. It’ll save you a lot of work.

Square up the outside of the wall so a face can exist and then make the inside face parallel to it and you can push the rectangle through to make the opening.

I’m a little puzzled about how you went about creating the model. It starts out looking like you’ve traced part of the imported image but there are things that don’t fit properly. The image isn’t sized correctly so much of what you’ve modeled won’t match the dimensions presented in the image. Is it supposed to be that way?


Dave, Thanks so much. I have now redrawn the outline of the house. So far it is working better. I made rectangles the right width and hugely exaggerated length. Moved them into place (lots of rotating), deleted fluff. I am not stupid, but also not a genius at SketchUp! This rectangle plus rectangle system seems to be better than line drawing along the floor plan than trying to offset inside of that.

Again, thanks for the “seeing the obvious”.

Using rectangles rather than lines will pretty much ensure planarity. If you have many weird angled walls, make one rectangle with arbitrary dimensions - or maybe a useful width, and group it - as a reference. Make copies and place at corners, and rotate to angles required. Scale to exact lengths using dimensions or reference the drawing. Explode, amend, regroup as required