[Groups] Need help push-pulling window and door openings through walls

im realllyyy desperate im making a building and i just downloaded the new sketchup version i dont know if it has to be with the problem , but i make the first floor and i did it with the offset tool so the walls are supposed to be parallel ,but im trying to make the holes for the windows and doors but after a lootttttttt of time trying i finally could make one ,but know it just wont let me ! and there is no lines or nothing in the part behind,and i try to find the letter "on face " or something and nothing ,also when i push it it just pulls the face backwards or forward ! !

can you upload the file (icon with arrow up)

Yah, to try and add anything based on what you explained is futile. Push pull will offset/cut a whole if you aline it with the back edge of the interior / exterior wall. Depending on which direction you are moving it. Or just draw a rectangle and delete the inner face two times and then connect the comers with four lines to heal the interior edges.

Use the inference of the edge.

Box`s demo is what this was trying to explain…

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it says its to big to upload it normally haiti 1.zip (343.6 KB)

now when i get to the point it disappears the rectangle ! and i try to put the guides with the measure(thick of the walls) as @mrwmrutski suggests

You have groups within groups within groups and some components floating around.
You need to have your geometry in the correct context to cut through other geometry.
Open a group for editing before drawing your shape to push through it, and make sure you are at the face level not the group level, if you click a face and an extended blue box appears, then it is a group, if the face turns blue then it is within the group and you can interact with it.


ok so now i delete the rectangles i use to have to make the holes and i press to edit the group and draw the rectangle again in order to push but it still does not work :S im sorrry im new in this !

Like @Box says, there are Groups nested within Groups … for no apparent reason.

• Keep it simple.

• When you create Groups and Components, name them. Window > Entity Info
That way, Outliner can help you understand the model hierarchy. Window > Outliner

• Avoid using Hide (Hide is context sensitive which causes confusion in nested groups)
• Learn how to use Layers properly (You’re not using them properly)
Does SketchUp Support Layers? — SketchUp Help

• Neatness counts. Erase stray geometry and purge the model.
Window > Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused

Here’s a copy of your model, cleaned up and organized a bit.
It was the large images that made it too big to upload here.
Haiti 1 Fixed.skp (334.7 KB)

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thankk you all so muchh !! <3