Help with push/pull windows/doors

LESSON - SketchUp For Interiors Level 1. Create Exterior Wall Openings.

Simple question … I am new to Sketchup and working on the school tutorials. I am struggling with the fact that, when it comes time to push/pull windows/doors, half my windows/door don’t “flcker” (or is it called z-fighting?). Anyway, these are the windows/doors that won’t punch out. When I erase my guidelines, I can free-hand draw windows that flicker (work). I assume I am doing something wrong with my tape measure?

Any thoughts? I assume it’s something very silly that I’m doing. Thanks! Dianne

Just a guess without seeing your actual model file, you have grouped the walls and then drawn the rectangles for the windows outside the group. If you want those to cut openings, you need to first open the wall group for editing, then draw the rectangles and push through the walls with Push/Pull.

Thanks for the reply. So, in the tutorial, this is how he has beginners learning - ie; not “editing” the group wall. When the windows/doors are completed (punched out), then we add them to the wall group. I can cut openings in most windows/doors, but I keep getting stuck on a few and that’s my frustration. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong. Thanks again :slight_smile:

How about sharing your .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got?

Oh shoot. I don’t know how to do that. I can look it up though …

005 dunes parkway.skp (574.7 KB)

***Hope I did that right.

It’s as I suggested in my first reply. The wall geometry is grouped and the rectangles you drew for the windows are outside the group container. If you open the wall group for editing and draw the rectangles, you can push them through.

Notice I can move the wall group away and the rectangles for the windows and doors stay put because they aren’t attached. I opened the group for editing by double clicking with Select and then drew a rectangle and pushed an opening with no trouble.

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Thank you! I appreciate all the help.

You’re welcome. I sent you a PM.

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