Push Pull Problem

Hi there,

Having a problem with the push pull feature, I looked around but didn’t find an existing thread so I’ll ask here…

Creating a house off a blueprint, created the outside shape, then offset to the interior for the thickness of the walls and now am going around creating doors and windows. I’ve done 7 or 8 just fine, now I’m on a wall that doesn’t seem to work, I create the window and when a push it thru to the other surface (using top of wall to inference and make sure its the right distance thru) its not making an opening as it did all the other times.

You can see the lines on the other side of the wall, but its not making an opening.

It’s acting as if the two sides are not parallel to each other, which they should be considering I made the inside tool with the offset function and then pulled it up to height.

Thanks for any help!

The best way to find out what goes on is to upload your model here for us to see it.
Please do.

Rossland - Main Floor.skp (2.0 MB)

I had a problem on one of the angled walls as well but then suddenly it worked. I would create a guide in from each side but if you orbited around the guides weren’t intersecting they were just close to each other. No probs on any of the other doors and windows.

Thanks… Uploaded… its the window along the left side.

I was going to guess that the inside and outside walls aren’t parallel and that proved to be the case.

Either you need to fix that or you’ll need to deal with cutting the opening a different way.

By the way, all of the faces on your walls are reversed. You’ll need to correct that before you go too far. Certainly before you add materials, anyway.

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Thanks Dave!

Any idea how the wall dimensions ended up not parallel? I outlined the shape and then used the offset tool to come in 1’6", you would figure all walls would end up the same thickness then, wouldn’t you?

Just checked and all the other walls ended up exactly 1’6", but that one wall starts there and increases all the way to the other end, strange.

Perhaps some vertical edge got moved? It’s hard to say at this point. With snapping set and a fairly coarse precision, these sorts of things can slip through pretty easily.

Ok, well thanks again for the help, much appreciated.

My pleasure.

Good luck with the rest of the model.

As Dave pointed out, the inside and outside faces are not parallel. In fact, the segments of the inner face are not even quite aligned with other (see how the first coordinate varies along the wall). My theory of how it got this way would be that you drew the inner partition walls first and didn’t pay close enough attention to inference when setting their endpoints. Then the inner face of the wall went to these ever-so-slightly off endpoints instead of being parallel to the outside face of the wall. Either that or the endpoints of the interior partitions “pulled” the inner surface over to then as SketchUp cleaned up the model by merging nearby vertices.

A big part of the learning process with SU is getting to the point where you internalize your interactions with the inference engine; that is, you stop even having to think about keeping things on axis and using inferencing screen feedback to place points with precision–you just do it. At around that time, your geometry becomes tight and deadly accurate, and things like inexplicable out-of-parallel faces or off-axis edges simply stop happening.

Keep practicing.


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