Push/pull tool-making windows

I am having difficulty with my push/pull tool. It won’t push a hole through the wall and end on the other side. It wants to keep pushing through the geometry to infinity. I’ve tried pushing and then referencing a point on the other side, but it just protrudes through the other side. I want to push a nice 3d window through the wall so I can be able to move it around as well afterward if I need to. Your help is much appreciated. Thank you!

Could you post an example file which shows the problem? Inferencing off the opposite side will work if you’ve set things up correctly.

The inability to stop a Push squarely on the opposite face is generally taken as an indication that the two faces are not parallel. Unless you’ve got a lot of time invested in the “funny” geometry, the most practical solution may be just to remodel it.

As DaveR said, if you post a file we can probably tell you what, if anything, is wrong with it.


I would add to what Gully said, drawing walls with subtly non-parallel faces is an extremely common error that usually results from not using the SketchUp inference engine carefully. We see a lot of queries like yours and most of them are due to this. A tiny error can lead to complete frustration later!

What do you mean non-parallel faces? The wall formation is parallel. Do you mean, if you have a square house and the walls are slightly off kilter? Sorry or the late reply. I didn’t get any notifications that there was a response… Thank you!

If I used the rectangle tool to make the wall, it should be parallel correct? Thanks!

Wait a minute, if I scaled the wall at one point instead of push/pulling it, since scaling will give you an approximate value would that maybe skew it enough so it won’t work?

We’d have to see exactly how you scaled it, but it certainly could.
if for example you selected the top, sides and both faces but not the bottom, then it would skew.

It’s very hard to guess without seeing your model.