Push / Pull Issue with solitary wall

Hello, I have used sketchup a few times for small projects, but at the moment throught I’d try and come up with a concept for a house.
I’ve done my floorplan, pull the walls up and started cutting doors out with the push pull tool.
I have 1 wall I want to cut a door into and for the life of me can’t get it to work (the other doors worked fine).
Ive read lots of posts that talk about planes/lines being parrallel, hidden surfaces etc and I’ve turned on XRay view etc to try and find the problem but I am absolutely stumped.

First Attempt House - backup 20210203 - all but one door pulled.skp (6.5 MB)

Any help would be appreciated.

Faces of the wall are not parallel

Start learning the basics:

Learn about Groups/Components, Layers, Face orientation.

Thanks mihai.s

I actualy used the measuring tape tool which gave me the same numbers but admitedly i don’t think there were any decimal places (at least nothing like in your image).

Any ideas on how I may have got the lines non-parallel ?
I drew all the rooms with rectangles, then offset, i.e. no single lines as such.

Thanks again.