Using the Push/Pull option in an angled wall



I am creating a model house that has a bay window I have created the walls and am trying to use the push/pull tool to create an opening for a window, however when I go to push out the selected area it doesn’t disappear completely like it has for my other “windows”. Any body know what to do?


Can you make a screen grab of what you’re working on? You’re hole may go outside the bounds of the far face, or maybe the far face isn’t actually perpendicular to the near face?



Can you share the .skp file?
X-Ray view maybe helps to see where the problem is.


Since you are providing these windows in walls that are of same thickness, presumably, the fastest and easiest way to use P/P for these windows would have been to perform the operation on one of the openings and then dbl click on the others.


Once and a while, SU seems to not find that far side and won’t snap to it. One way to force it is, as you push through, move your cursor up to the top of the wall and hover over the edge that forms the top of that back face. If inferencing kicks in, it should snap to that surface.



How did you go about creating the walls and give them thickness?

Sharing the SKP file would make it simple to solve your problem without having to guess.


Here is the .skp fileSketchup model house.skp (1.1 MB)


On your bay window the inside and outside faces of your wall around the window aren’t parallel, so push-pull won’t completely remove the windows. See my screenshot where you can see the thickness goes from roughly 5.9" to 6". The walls aren’t exactly 45° from the front and side walls either which you can check yourself with the protractor tool. You’d need to tidy this up, possibly by redrawing that section of the house.

Your house was 18.3km from the origin. You had moved the origin quite near the house, but SketchUp behaves strangely when you’re so far from the ‘real’ origin which is where the axes go back to when you reset them.

Another problem is you have a lot of reversed faces. All the bluish ones are inside-out. This won’t stop push-pull working but it is best to tidy them up when they happen by selecting them, right-clicking and choosing “Reverse faces”. It will cause real problems if you later try and 3D print it, or render it in another program.


Thank you for all your help. I will be doing a lot of fixing