Push/pull window problem

I know this is a common problem with newbies, but I tried all of the suggestions on other posts and am still struggling. I created a building using a matched photo. Push/pull to create the box. Went to make windows and it was impossible. It WILL work with 1001bit tools, but I want to make them on my own. The ones you see there were made with the extension. I originally had 2-faced walls, created with offset, and deleted the thickness to see if I could then make windows, but to no avail. I’m going crazy!

How do I attach file here!?

Drag and drop the file into the message window, or use the seventh icon from the left at the top of the message window.

In the mean time, does this help?

That is how I built my structure, though I pushed/pulled “out” rather than “up”. Here’s the file.AutoSave_render.skp (1.3 MB)

The walls have no thickness in your model so Push/Pull won’t create an opening.

You need to give the walls thickness as show in Box’s GIF.

AutoSave_render.skp (1.3 MB)

They did (see on this link render.skp (1.3 MB) ) and it still didn’t work. I removed the thickness to see if that would work - which it didn’t.

Try it in the version I uploaded.

I tried it in your latest model and have no problem cutting holes for windows with Push/Pull. Your file is missing the inside walls on the side with the extension, though.

window problem.skp (1.3 MB)
It just creates inset boxes

Yes. It will do if you don’t stop the Push/Pull operation at the face on the inside.Box showed you how to do that in hiss GIF.

One is absolutely clear: You don´t need any plugin.

The video shows an interesting texturing-detail when pushing the window or door. At 4:20 one can see the solution for the question put at 2:00

@miller, that’s an interesting video but it doesn’t do anything to solve Kristin’s problem.

Sorry, I can´t see any problem. Can You explain it?
He says only that something is impossible.

Do You think he needs plugins? My idea is, that other users should not be confused .

BTW : to make doors or windows can be done before creating walls.
I am not sure, but the door in the video is made before building the wall.

How is it that you think you can help when you don’t understand the problem?

No. Kristin didn’t say it is impossible. Kristin said she was having difficulty with using Push/Pull.

No! Where did I say anything about a plugin? Kristin just needs to learn the proper way to use the Push/Pull tool.

That’s great! You’re the one creating the confusion. Please don’t do that.


To be clear, I’m relatively new to SketchUp but not BRAND new and have been using push/pull for a few weeks so I don’t understand how I would suddenly not understand how to use it. I truly appreciate all of the help, I just don’t see what’s going wrong. I could send you a dozen files where I did the push/pull windows and doors that worked with no problem. I am wondering if the box may be off-axis or anything?

I’m not seeing that the box is off axis. Start the Push/Pull operation and then move the cursor to the edge at the inside of the top of the wall as Box did in his GIF. Click on that edge to tell SketchUp that’s the distance you want to extrude the hole.

After you get the first one, double click on the other rectangles to extrude them the same distance.

This is your model, you must line up the pushpulled face.

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ok, here’s the update. I should have realized this sooner. When I cut a NEW hole and push/pull to the depth of the wall, it works. WHen I try on an existing window (one that continues to simply recess) or even an area where that window was (upper left for example) it simply will NOT create a void.

A solution will be to erase the “bad” windows and start over. So many thanks to all of you for your patience. May I ask, do you know why this would be happening though? I simply want to understand not only how to fix, but why things go wrong so I don’t repeat the same mistakes again and again.

I’m not sure what you mean by a “bad window”. Other than the ones where you pushed the face too far through the wall, they all work fine for me and the ones you did push too far can be fixed as Box shows in his GIF.

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Thanks, all. I’m going to fiddle with this today and spare you the play-by-play which can get tedious. :slight_smile: I’ll let you know how it pans out, and you’ve all been helpful!

Is it possible that little lines not fully erased could be interfering?

Aidan Chopra explains the ins and outs of Push/Pull problems here…

It´s not the upper left window where I found something “impossible” :

…and before I will be mobbed once more by Your helpers I will shut up :wink: