Can't create a face and then do pushpull for windows and doors

I am having trouble creating faces and then creating walls with the push pull command. On the enclosed layout I have created some walls, faces and holes for doors. But, I cannot do this everywhere. I am trying to create walls throughout the attached document, so I can then create cutouts for doors and walls
14H-c.skp (206.3 KB)

I suggest you, draw a rectangle for wall, group it, push pull it along the wall layout… You can draw vertical lines for indoor walls and push pull it…

See attached file.

14H-c.skp (225.7 KB)

I made narrow rectangles and I was abpe to Push Pull them up like I wanted to. But, I don’t understand why it works this way. I wen back and looked at the video I had seen on Offsetting an area and the Push Pulling that perimeter (wall) I was doing it according to that video, yet that did not work. Now I am going to finish the walls and try to put in doors and windows. again