Cannot Push/Pull Walls from 2D into 3D

Hi all - I’m new to SketchUp and trying to learn the basics of the program using the free version first. I’m trying to make a simple floor plan of my apartment, but am not able to push/pull my walls up. Not sure what’s going on - I will say that when I close off the opening to the room on the left (has a closet in it), I am able to push/pull the room itself, which is obviously not helpful since I need to push/pull the walls. Any advice on what I’m doing wrong? Thank you so much in advance!

4B Floor Plan.skp (182.0 KB)

Push/Pull only works on faces, not edges. You need to create faces for the walls. In the case of your model, you have an overrunning edge that is preventing the formation of the face. Zoom in close to look and erase the overrun.

After erasing the overrun, trace an edge of the walls with the Line tool so you get the face.

Then Push/Pull should work just fine.

While you’re at it, you might want to check out the alignment of the edges you’ve drawn. Maybe it’s correct as is. I don’t know.

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I’ve spotted much the same problems as Dave.
Off alignment

It worked! Thank you so so much DaveR and Box. So appreciate your detailed and speedy responses.