I can't push/pull walls

I’m trying to pull up the walls in sketchup and its giving me a “no symbol” it will let me pull up the rooms but not the walls. I’m a student and learning sketchup so not sure where I went wrong tracing the floorplan.

You can only pushpull a single planar face. Activate the selection tool and try clicking on what you are trying to P/P to verify that it is a face. Turn on “show hidden geometry “ to make sure the target isn’t a surface made from multiple faces.

If that doesn’t work, please share the skp here so we can look at what’s going on.

IntermediatSketcup_KW.skp (435.9 KB)

Your walls are just edges, they don’t form faces you can pushpull. There must be tiny errors somewhere that are preventing faces from forming, such as small gaps or stray edges protruding into the wall space. These can be difficult to find. Give me a while to search.

I went through and checked for gaps. I found it!! Thank you so much!

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