Push pull a wall only pulls the interior lines and not the whole wall

I did an inset on a footprint of my house and then used push pull to create my exterior wall. I selected the wall footprint and used push pull but it didn’t pull the exterior wall, just the interior surface. What am I doing wrong?

Hard to tell exactly without seeing your SketchUp file. Upload it so we can take a look and give you an answer.

FWIW, Push/Pull only works on faces, not lines.

Here is the file. Please let me know what you find.footprint first floor for help.skp (197.6 KB)

The problem stems from the fact that you have a mess of hidden geometry that is connected to the floor plan.You’ve already got walls raised so Push/Pull on the bottom face is erasing them as it should.

You could copy the floor plan to separate it from the rest of the house or you could group the geometry for the rest of the house. Either way, you need to separate the geometry if you don’t want to lose what you’ve modeled.

It looks like you need to learn about using groups and components before you go much farther in your modeling. It would be good to spend some time with the basics starting here:

Hit [Ctrl] while pulling up.
Due to the existing outer wall face you need to copy the pulled face while pulling.

The key lesson there is that, in SketchUp, hiding - whether via the hidden flag or by referencing a layer that isn’t visible - has no effect on how the invisible items interact with visible ones. As mentioned, you should study about groups and components, which are how SketchUp isolates items from interacting.