Having trouble pushing/pulling walls

I am pretty new to SketchUp, and I am working on my first 3d floor plan, made from a 2d floor plan I just finished up. However, I am having trouble pushing/pulling the walls on this model. I believe that the problem lies around how I laid out the stair case on the model. I used dash lines to show the part that is on the first floor (this model I am working on is of the basement). I think that the dashed lines have created a ‘break’ in the face of my interior/exterior walls, and therefore there is no solid face to pull the walls from.

I linked photos to this post so that you can see what I am talking about.

Is my thinking on this correct? If so, how do I fix it? If not, what is going on here?!

Thank you!

Until you learn how to use SketchUp - basics at learn.sketchup.com

  • don’t tag raw geometry (lines, circles, faces)
  • make groups and components, then assign tags to them
  • create faces for ‘‘walls’’ if you want to PushPull

Make it easier for us to help you: attach the model itself instead of only screenshots.

Only with screenshots it’s gonna be hard to help you, I can see some problems already but not the one you’ve mentioned.

Kingston House Floor Plan 3d.skp (86.4 KB)

Didn’t know that I could do that, here ya go!

The problem is the basement floor plan (bottom left), the push/pull on the walls are all set up for the other floors.

I copied your ‘base int walls’ component to the left. All (but one) internal walls are open at the end where the meet the outer walls. I corrected (closed) three out of five to get a face to pull up.
(you may need to trace one or two edges to obtain faces)

So for the other two floors, from the recommendation of several youtube videos, I traced over the 2d floor plan with the line/rectangle tool. After that, I went back through and erased all the separating lines that I just drew. Effectively making all of the walls, (both interior and exterior) one complete face, which I could then pull up.

That technique worked amazing and was super quick. I tired to do the exact same thing for the basement an it wont work. All of the walls are ‘empty’ space, and the floor space is what is available to push and pull. Why is it?

I could delete everything I have done, and trace each wall, and pull them individually like you had done, but I am wanting to try to figure out how to do it the more efficient way, like I had done with the other floors.

thanks for the help so far!!