New Sketchup user here. Trying to model a house and make some modifications from blueprints. Some help would be appreciated

Hello all,

In the very early stages of figuring out our dream home. We found a floorplan we like and I am trying to model it in Sketchup so we can see if we like the changes.

I have the walls all drawn but I am struggling trying to get the walls to all raise up. I fear I have made some errors. I know some of my walls aren’t perfectly square or lining up.

I also know the model is barely not to scale but I am not sure how to fix it.

Anyone willing to take a look?

House To Scale 5 bedroom extended front.skp (505.8 KB)

You need faces to be able to use Push/Pull. You have some but not all. I would also erase the floor faces. Hiding the drawing you are working from would help make it easier to see. Here I’ve switched my my default style which has green back faces and a white background. It makes it easier to see where there are faces.

You can try closing the faces where the walls are missing by drawing lines across the wall. I’ve started doing that, below. Keep going until you don’t get a face. The edges need to be planar and form closed loops to get edges. Zoom in close to look for gaps and such. After you get the faces formed, erase those edges crossing the wall so you aren’t dividing the wall into sections.

Little segments can also prevent faces from forming. Just by the cursor in the next screen shot there’s a stray line segment that needs to be removed.

You should have a close look at the edges you’ve drawn. There are quite a number of wall lines that really ought to be straight but aren’t. There are quite a few that are slightly off axis, too. That will create problems for you when the walls are 3D. Turning on Endpoints in the style can help you see those.

Once you have faces for the walls, you can pull them up as I’ve done here.

I’d share the .skp file with you but there’s enough wrong with the lines you’ve drawn it would take more time to fix than to redraw the lines correctly. When you do this sort of thing draw long continuous lines, not short point to point lines in the underlying reference drawing…


To add to what @DaveR has said, it is strongly advised that you make use of Groups/Components and Tags to keep elements together. For example, to separate walls, floors, and roofs (at the very least), though you might go further and separate external walls from internal ones, separate out windows and doors, etc. You have to find your own right balance of keeping things in manageable groups without over-complicating things. Remember that all raw geometry in Sketchup is “sticky”. That is both a great boon (it’s what allows Push/Pull to work, for example), but also a big bear trap for the unwary. Grouping things removes the stickiness for anything out side the group.