My walls won't raise... I need some help

Hello. I am very new to SketchUp, and just started using it a few weeks ago for school. I have made a 2d layout for my house, but when I try to push/pull it, only the inside of the rooms raises, not the actual walls. I think this is because the walls are a dark gray, while the inside of the rooms is white. Can someone please help me to raise this room?

What you describe makes it sound as if there’s no face for the walls.

Share the SketchUp file with us. Download it to your computer and upload it here.

Olivia Pais House 2.skp (703.8 KB)

I made the ground color pink so it’s easier to see that you have no faces for the walls.

If you trace one of the outer edges with the Line tool, you can create a face to pull up.

The perimeter of the mater bedroom needs some attention. Notice the thick edges in my screen shot, above. If you zoom in on the corner you can see there are a number of short edges and doubled up edges.

I would suggest erasing all of those edges and redrawing that room. Also look around for other stray geometry.

Another thing I would suggest when you are modeling something like this is to draw the outline of the house and pull that up to give the floor some thickness before you start outlining the walls. This will help you avoid some other issues.

Okay, thank you so much! I did the suggested changes, and the whole house is able to push/pull. Thank you so much for your help!

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