Help! Cant push/pull some walls of my model!

Hi Everyone!
Created a model of a house from a plan, and extruded my walls etc - all was 100% perfect! My laptop was closed when I was out and sketchup automatically saved my drawing. I re-opened sketchup and opened autosaved drawing.
Some of my drawing opened, and there parts the walls were not extruded. I cannot select to push/push, and i see from underneath my drawing, there are some walls pushing through the floor! I cant seem to do anything!

Please assist! (ps. how do i upload the drawing here so you can see it?)

Thank you so much!

Without seeing the SketchUp file we can only guess at the cause. Share the file and we can quickly give you the correct answer without guessing.

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Hi Dave R - please tell me how to share it?

Use the Upload button, 7th from the left in the row of buttons above the message space or upload it to the 3D Warehouse and give us the link or the title of the model.

A screenshot doesn’t help. Please upload the SketchUp file.

Berg house.skp (1.3 MB)

I expect the walls you are trying to extrude are the ones that are actually holes through the bottom surface. If you edit the background color in the Styles window and make it something different than the gray it currently is, you’ll see the holes easily. You can heal the faces by tracing edges with the Line tool.

You really should learn about using groups and components. Creating the model as you have just makes it hard to work with. And it’ll get harder as you go.

Thank you Dave R! You a scholar and a gentleman! Will try that and let you know?

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In addition, you have a considerable number of reversed faces that need to be fixed. In addition to what @DaveR suggested, you could change your back face color in styles to something garish that will make these stand out. Fixing them now will avoid issues downstream.

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Berg house.skp (929.4 KB).Had to scale up x10 even after some clean up with Thoms and Fredos tools

Hey Mac! Much appreciated!! And yes - a bright background/floor makes things much easier to see!! Thank you!

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