Cant highlight and select push / pull

Hi there,
I’m a sketch up newbie. I created a 2D floorplan yet I cannot / not sure how to turn this into 3D as I cannot push / pull my walls. When I select push/ pull and hover over walls, there is a little red “x” mark and nothing happens. Can you help please?

It could be one of several things. Either the surface you are trying to extrude is no a single face or maybe you have the geometry grouped and haven’t opened the group for editing or maybe there is no face to extrude. If you share the .skp file with us we can tell you quickly just what the problem is.

Nathalie’s floorplan.skp (144.8 KB)

Here it is, thanks so much for your help

So you’ve got a component as shown selected (I moved it down to separate it from the rest of the geometry and I selected the window and door swing components and moved them up.

In order to extrude the walls you need to open the floor plan component for editing. I would suggest erasing the face for the floor first so you get the correct geometry for the walls.

Thank you so much, appreciate it!!!

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