Can't highlight floor

Hi, I’m creating a 2d floor plan for a flat. I push/pulled my walls but now I cannot highlight my floor anymore? Anybody any ideas what the issue can be?

Maybe because there’s no face to PushPull? Or maybe it’s in a group?

What do you mean by “highlight”?

thx for the reply. Highlight or select. I cannot change the texture. As far as I know it is not in a group.

hello, if it’s not in a group, you may have 2 (or more) surfaces at the same place, causing z-fighting.
When you select your floor, even if it’s not highlighted, try deleting it and selecting it again ? (do it multiple times if it’s still not highlighted)
Upload a screenshot or model if you can, it would enlight us !

Untitled 2.skp (166.0 KB)

Here you go! I will already try to delete and select again

You did not have any floor, that is why you couldn’t select it.

Here is your model with the floor. I grouped it, and the walls as well. (so you can edit them seperately)

Untitled 2.skp (205.0 KB)

Ok that’s strange I didn’t have a floor.

Great! Thank you!!

There are many different styles to work with. I’ve always thought colored default faces and colored background is easiest to work with, rather than white on white.

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