Possible layer problem while trying to use push/pull tool

I am new to SU and self learning thru online tutorials and such at the moment. My problem is is that I am drawing an outline of a floor plan. I did, explode, make group etc. and I do have x-ray turned on and resized all that good stuff. I’ve ran into this problem several times where when I go to do push/pull up the walls and such where I get either the circle with the / thru it or in this current case I can pull up the walls but there are parts that appear to be starting at a different place. I am going to try to post a gayzo link here so better show/explain what I am talking about. https://gyazo.com/b28978285567e37ecfdfcd7e0253e5e3 My dilemma is… as far as i can tell, there are no created extra layers all that is in the layers is layer 0. As you may be able to tell, the poles on the left start at the base of what is going to be a porch and the one on the right is another porch pole, but that one starts further down? What am I doing wrong or how am I able to fix this?

It would be a lot easier to diagnose the issues if you can provide the skp file rather than an image.

Floor plan1- ground level.skp (127.2 KB)

I see Z-fighting because you’ve got a rectangle drawn over the group comtaining the image. That creates a flickering effect as you orbit and zoom.

The walls and the columns extrude fine and I don’t see any weirdness. All the faces are reversed because of the large face on which you drew the lines for the walls. If you deleted the faces where the floors are, the face orientation would then be correct.

The model you uploaded is not in the same state as the image you posted earlier (nothing has been pushpulled yet). As @DaveR’s examples show (and my experience was the same) there is no inherent problem with the model aside from the z-fighting, which is distracting but doesn’t impact what you are trying to do.

So, I conclude that there was some problem with your workflow when attempting to pushpull the walls and columns. Could you describe the steps you followed when getting to the situation shown in the image? Can you reproduce it starting from the model you uploaded here?

i will have to wait to get back home and redo til,it gets back to where it was in the picture,if this helps understand why i did things i have done so far, i started from this floor plan tutorial. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41E1_xp0onY .

That’s an interesting approach to doing that. Some extra unneeded steps and some important missed details. She did get the reversed faces which is normal when you are making a hole in a face as in pulling up the interior walls. You get that all way through because of the larger face on which you’ve drawn out the plan.

being new to SU and trying to learn thru tutorials its harder when you have no one to ask makes it a bit more challenging so should i restart the layout and any suggestions where to go for more detailed tutorials or places that may help?

Yes. I know it can be challenging when you have no one to ask. The community here is good for that.

As for restarting your layout, well, maybe. What other tutorials have you already been through? It seems to me that maybe getting a handle on a few of the more basic things would help. Perhaps you could do with some one on one training. (I can help with that. Send me a PM)

More detailed tutorials? I’m not sure more detailed is the right thing. Again, getting a real firm grip on the basics first will go a long way. It’ll also help you fill in the missing pieces in tutorials like the one you linked to.

YouTube is brimming with SketchUp ‘tutorials’ authored by well meaning but unenlightened enthusiasts.

That’s not to say they’re all bad.
On the contrary, many are stellar demonstrations of advanced techniques.
The challenge new users face is sorting the good from the bad and the ugly.

The official SketchUpVideo Channel at YouTube is your best bet.

While a bit dated, Aidan Chopra’s YouTube Channel is another good choice.

And here’s a list of other reliable Learning Resources at the SketchUp Sage Site

i have went thru the four that are provided on the Trimble “learn” section. and have seen a handful of others. A few from Hardwood Podcast and one from someone named Aaron Bishop . There are a few others but those are the ones I remember from the top of my head. I will try to PM you DaveR… soon as I figure out how…

I do agree that not all the tutorials are bad, and that the challenge to new SU people is that they do not know which are the bad and ugly.

Jane, you can send a PM by clicking on my name and then Message in the upper right corner of the window that opens. You can also edit your post to remove your contact info if you wish.


here’s a decent one.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1NKNt7qECg (sequence of 2)

Decent? I’m aghast.
The 2nd video is even worse.

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