Walls won't highlight

I’m a noob to Sketchup (love the program!) and I’ve successfully (yeah!) created a 2d floor plan but I can’t get some/most of the walls to highlight. This isn’t that big of an issue in 2d but it’s an issue with 3d/push-pull and ISO (? ~ I’m not on my computer at this time). What do I need to do so that I can select/highlight the walls and use push/pull? Thanks in advance!

It sounds like there’s no face inside the wall edges, which means that either there’s a gap in the outline or one or more of the edges is out-of-plane.

To form a face, which is what you need to Push/Pull, you need a completely enclosed outline without gaps or stray edges protruding into the outline, and all elements of the outline must be coplanar.

If you can’t spot the problem, upload the file and we’ll find it for you.


Gully ~

Thanks for your reply! I’ve attempted to upload my floor plan but the file is too large. Is there a way to compress the file so it can be uploaded?


How could that be? A line drawing of a floor plan shouldn’t be more than a couple of hundred kilobytes tops. Have you tried purging and resaving (Model Info > Statistics > Purge Unused)?