Can no longer select the flooring of my model to add materials

Hi. Having trouble selecting/filling floors/faces to fill with materials. Read another post that says you may not have a floor anymore or will have to re group however not sure how to go about that as I can’t select it and am a new user :slight_smile: thank youu

Share your SketchUp file with us so we can see exactly what the problem is.
Here you go. This link should work :smiley:

There is no floor to paint on the one plan.
Screenshot - 9_15_2022 , 6_59_05 PM
You can create one by drawing a rectangle at the bottom of the walls. The other one does have a floor. You just need to open the wall group for editing and apply the materials.

By the way, you have an awful lot of incorrect tag usage. ALL edges and faces should be untagged.
Screenshot - 9_15_2022 , 7_01_54 PM
There’s also a lot of unused stuff in the model.
Screenshot - 9_15_2022 , 7_03_05 PM
Getting rid of the unused stuff reduces the file size by 67%. I expect it can be further cleaned up and made easier to work with by choosing lower poly entourage.

There are also a number of huge texture images. Resizing the textures to make them more suitable reduces the files size by almost 80% from the file you uploaded.

Further to @DaveR reply, I suggest after you make a floor, give it some thickness maybe 250mm. When making the floor group it (you can have groups nested inside groups) have your floor go underneath your perimeter walls. Also, good practice would be to group all elements of each plan (floor, walls, furniture & etc), so you can move each separately and easily. Continuing Good Luck.

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Oh wow okay thank you both! First time using sketch up I was expecting many mistakes. What’s the best way to untag/clean up the unused components, same with resizing textures? Sorry for all the questions but really keen to learn/improve.

The best way to to stay on top of the tag usage as you model and make sure all edges and faces remain untagged. You can see how they are tagged in Entity Info and correct it if needed. I used a plugin from Sketchucation called Default Tag Geometry to go through the entire model and fix all of the geometry.

The unused stuff can be purged in Window>Model Info>Statistics>Purge Unused. I used a plugin that does the same thing because it gives a report to show how much stuff isn’t there.

The materials were resized using another extension called Material Resizer from the Extension Warehouse. Best is probably to adjust sizes of texture images before you even bring them into SketchUp–there’s generally no advantage to huge texture images.

When you are bringing stuff in from the 3D Warehouse you should download it into a separate file so you can check to see that the component is suitable for your needs. If it needs cleaning or other attention, make those changes in that other file. Then copy it over to your project. It’s kind of like going to the furniture store to select a couch instead of bringing them all home to try them out.

When you delete a component from your model it gets removed from the model space but doesn’t get removed from the file The component and any materials it uses are still included in the file. That creates file bloat and performance problems without any benefits. That’s kind of like removing the couch from the living room and sticking it up in the attic. Do that with enough furniture and the ceiling collapses.

I would suggest that you spend some time learning the fundamentals at

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Okay, thank you. Much to learn…

Appreciate the prompt advice

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Hi everyone, just beginning working with Sketchup and I’m with the same problem, can’t select the floor because I don’t have any. Somewhere along the way I did something wrong but still couldn’t draw a rectangle at the bottom of the walls as sugested. Any ideas?
Assignment Module 4.4.skp (3.2 MB)

Open the Outliner and you will see that you have a group in a group.

If you double click twice (4 clicks in total) on the partial floor that yo have in your model, you can add a large rectangle from one corner to the opposite corner and get a complete face.

Maybe you can explode one of these imbedded groups to simplify your model.