Sketch up not allowing me to change measurements of material

Hi Guys,

For few days I have been trying to change the size of the flooring. I click on the material - Edit - type the desired size and nothing happens. I am able to use the Texture- Re-position but I do not want to use this any longer. Can someone please help.

If you can upload your model, one of us can take a detailed look and see exactly what is happening.

Are you editing the In Model material or trying to edit it in the library where the material is saved?

I am editing the material in the library of materials that I imported it into.

You can only edit In Model textures. Click on the House icon next to the drop down list to go to the In Model materials. Select the texture and edit it there.

Thank you so so much! I have been trying to figure this out for months !

I’ve been waiting around for you for months wondering what was taking you so long. :crazy_face: :laughing:

Glad that helped.

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haha I will probably be back soon! :grimacing::joy:

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