Problem updating textures

Don’t know if this is actually a problem, more likely me doing something wrong again!

If I import a new texture, I often find it is at the wrong scale. So I edit it, say by doubling its size. That seems to make no difference whatever. In fact, I am not sure I have ever found a simple way of altering a texture’s scale without using an external editor.

Can anyone help (if only to let me know what changing the size of a texture using Edit actually does)?

If I change the values in the orange box my textures scale is changed. This doesn’t work for you?

No it doesn’t seem to. I don’t know if it makes a difference that I have already painted something using the original scale. I assumed that if you changed the scale it would change what had already been painted as well as anything painted subsequently. However it is supposed to work, it doesn’t seem very WYSIWYG to me.

Also, some things seem to work differently on a Mac. Not sure of this is one of them.

Strange - must be a mac thing because changing the numbers changes the scale instantly on my end. Maybe some Mac users can help you here…?

on a mac it works if your edit an ‘In Model’ material…

not one in the collections…


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I don’t think it does. I have just tried that. I am trying it on an imported texture of some roof tiling that has a nominal tile size of 1000 x 1000mm. I change the dimension to 2000mm. It makes no difference to what I have already drawn or to anything I paint afresh. It is as if the edit feature is not operating at all.

Logically, I would have thought changing it in a collection would work and would make a universal change. But if you do it to the In Model version it would be unique to that drawing. Anyway, neither is true in my case. Though I have probably missed something if it works for others.

I just tried it and it does: logically, if I change a material for in-model, it should change them all. Visual proof:

I just re-checked if it works for ‘group’ materials as well as ‘face’ materials and it does for both…


I have just done two things. First I closed SU. Then I re-opened it and loaded the drawing. Then I did a Cleanup using an extension. Now it works all of a sudden.

Even after the cleanup this very simple and modest drawing is a whopping 4Mb in size - too big to upload here. Anyway, problem solved for now.

How many and what extensions do you have loaded?

Advanced Camera Tools
CenterLine Tool
Dynamic Components
Layer Manager
Photo Textures
Sandbox Tools
SB Circle Intersect
Selection Toys
Solid Inspector2
Trimble Connect

I see that simoncbevans apparently fixed his problem but I just downloaded the 2018 version of SketchUp Pro and I am having the exact same problem with resizing the material. I do not have Cleanup (don’t know if that is actually what solved the problem).

Does anyone have other tips? Are there boxes that might be unchecked somewhere?

Thank you

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Did you ever come to a solution, I’m facing this issue as well on Mac Pro 2018. Material will not resize by editing the width and height fields. However, for reference, I can resize a selected side via the position option from the contextual menu.

Yes the solution as shown in post 8. Did involve using the Cleanup extension.

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as I stated above…


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Oops missed that, thanks! And yep worked!

Thank you so much!