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Hello everyone. I have recently got SketchUp and I was building some type of house and when I went to paint a material on it, it was just one color. I was wondering is that because the material is to zoomed it? Or is it just something im doing wrong cause im such a noob. As you see below, I tried making the Bottom ground part turn into a groundcover using a material. In the materials you see the 5th one which is the one I had selected. Then I used the paint bucket and clicked on the bottom ground part to apply the material and this is what I get. I appreciate all your help. :smiley:

I suspect that your individual parts of the model are not grouped separately or perhaps the white structure is grouped different than the rest? If you created the geometry without any regard to grouping everything will “stick” to everything else. When you click on the ground to add the color, the color will be added to everything “sticking” to the ground geometry. Could that be the case?

It’s all about scale. You have used a material/texture of a certain scale and your surface is much larger in relation to it. Therefore it looks like a solid colour rather than the individual shapes of the material as seen in the thumbnail.
I don’t know where it is in the Mac material editor but you will find a tab that will allow you to edit the material. Make it larger to suite your model and the pattern will appear.

…or maybe you’re not showing faces with texture. Check under View/Face Style and make sure Shaded with texture is checked.

as box said
(as in, if you’re drawing a deck 1/2 mile wide when it’s really supposed to be 20’ wide, a texture of 2x6s will show 6000 boards instead of 50 (or so)… and that many boards will appear as one when zoomed way out)

also, make sure your view mode is set to show textures.
View-> Face Style-> Shaded with Textures

(EDIT-- well, for the second part… as martin said :wink: )

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you can position/scale the textures…

Dear Sketchup,

I’m trying to use the material editor on a Mac now for a while, but it doesn’t seem to work very intuitively. I really really hope that in the future you guys could make it work more like Windows, together with the tool pallets being able to snap in a more Windows-like way… That would be so great :smile: