The material is only showing the color and not the texture when I put it on the model

When I use the paint bucket to fill an area with a material, it only shows the color of the material but not the texture.

Two guesses,
you have the style set to shaded rather than Shaded with Texture
the scale of the model is too large to see the detail of the texture.

If you attach your model we could be more specific.

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the style is shaded with texture but is a model that’s 100mx60m too large?

It can be that big, but you would need to edit the material to be big enough too.

how do you edit a material?

You;re on a mac so I can’t be specific as the materials are different to win. Look for the material in the In Model section and look for an edit button.
A Mac user is sure to give you better instructions.

ok, thank you tho

What is it a model of and what is the texture?

You should be able to right click on the face that has the texture, choose Texture and then adjust the size with the green pin. But depending on what you’re modeling and the texture, it may not be appropriate to resize the texture.

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