When I select material texture, it is not applying

please help for fix it.

when i applied material texture it’s be like this.

Upload the model so we can have a look. Several possibilities - you may have a reversed face, for one.

Use the Upload button - 7th icon from left above where you type to post

Are you wanting it to be white? If so, right click and choose Reverse Face. You are seeing the back side material (the light gray).

thanku guys now it’s working . i dont know how but when i open this model today i can easily change texture.

Hey guys,
Same problem here. According to my material palette, there are textures in my model. However, I do not see them being applied.
I have tried everything, reversing faces as well. Textures are never applied.

Two possibilities as a guess, since we don’t have your model to check,
You have View/Face style set to Shaded and not Shaded With Textures
The scale of your model is so large that you can’t see the texture.

Wow! Genius!
Yes, I made a mistake at the very beginning and my model is huge!
Thanks, you SU Wizard!