Selected textures are not being applied to model

I’m not certain what I am doing wrong. I downloaded a new texture into the Materials Palate. Everything looks fine. Image is there. But when I select it and then use the bucket to paint it into the model it just paints a solid color. I am unable to add textures to the model not even pre-defined ones. Any ideas what’s going on?

Thanx. Robin

Look at the material’s dimensions in the Materials Edit window. Likely the material is very small. Or you have the Face Style set to Shaded, not Shaded with Texture.

When I import textures, I like to make them the right size from the beginning so I draw a face in the model space the size of the texture. Then I use File>Import to import the image making sure I have it set to Use as Texture and apply it to that face. By dragging from the lower right corner to the opposite edge I ensure the texture is sized correctly.

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Thank you DaveR. I actually resolved the problem by closing everything I had open on my computer and restarting. That fixed the problem. Maybe my computers memory was over-taxed? Just a guess as I’m not a computer wiz. :wink:

Well, that’s not what I’d have thought but who knows. Maybe you had too many applications running? Glad you got it sorted out, though.

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