Sketchup Textures showing Solid Colors

I am having a problem. When applying textures to my 3d model, they show as solid colors instead of textures… any idea whats wrong?? I am choosing the brick option in the textures palette, however its not working!

Anyone faced this issue? please help…

Do you have Face Style set to Shaded with Texture? Or just Shaded?

How big is your model? Are you drawing with exact dimensions?

Actually i just figured out why…

When i click on the applied texture … right click > textures > postition

the tile looks extremely small and i have drag the corners to scale the texture…

However … how can i apply it and it looks scaled properly without doing this step?

Thank you Dave & Mike i appreciate your responses …

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It sounds to me like you need to fix the size of the model, not the textures. If you draw the model at the correct size, the textures won’t need to be resized.


As mentioned by Dave, the textures have a specific tiles size (you can see it in the material tab), if they appear too small, the model is probably to big…

As said , how big is your model? Are you drawing with exact dimensions?
One of the things about SketchUp is that you draw everything ‘real size’ . Textures applied to real world size objects have the proper size.
You can easily change the overall size of objects or the model with the tape measure tool:
Select tape measure tool, choose an endpoint of a ‘known’ edge (e.g. the height of a door) this would be your first click, then to the other endpoint and click.
Let go of the mouse, type the desired dimension of the edge and press Enter
You would now be prompted to resize the whole model uniformly…

Thank you guys! yes my model was apparently 3000 m and not 3 meters lol !!

I just resized it… Thank you Mike Cotty and Dave!

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Another questions guys… Are there any plugins or extentions of for example material libraries that could be helpful to design interiors?

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