Textures appearing as solid colours

Hello! If anybody could help this would be strongly appreciated.

I’ve already completed an entire building on SketchUp, and now that I’m looking to add textures, they show up as solid colours. My face style is shaded with texture, so I’m guessing the problem is the dimensions. How do I change the entire model’s dimensions, and how do I know which dimensions to change it to?

Thank you!!


Typically that’s the problem. The model is made too large. Use the Tape Measure tool to measure some length you know. Click at each end and then type that distance and hit Enter. Make sure you remove the textures from the model first or they will get scaled down, too.

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Do I have to do this for each line of the model? Because i have quite a lot of lines so far.

No. You should be able to measure one distance and scale the entire model. It does depend on exactly how your model is constructed. If you share the file it would be easier to give you exact guidance.

125 Rene-Levesque Sketchup Draft.skp (2.6 MB)

Here is the file!

So the model is huge!

Nearly one thousand seventy four miles tall. How tall should it really be?

Also, nearly every face in the model is reversed. There should be no exposed blue back faces.

Wow! I didn’t realize.

It should be 226m tall (743 ft). How do I fix that exactly?

And I see! This is my first time using SketchUp so I didn’t realize that the faces should be white. Is there a way to ‘unreverse’ it?

I just looked it up and found the same thing.

The GIF doesn’t work. Give me a minute to make something that does.

Select all the faces (triple click on it with the Select tool), then right click and choose Reversed Faces.

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No worries take your time! Thank you.

Try this.


Click on the picture.

FWIW, the next time you start a model, use real world dimensions for it from the beginning. That will make your work easier. It would also be a good idea to learn about using groups and components to separate elements in your model.

Spend some time at learn.sketchup.com

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Great, thank you so much for the help!!

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Oups I still have an issue! I was able to resize the model, but the textures are still appearing as solid colours. What do I do? @DaveR

What material are you trying to apply?

In Model there’s only a couple of translucent materials and a water texture.

Actually I’m trying to use some asphalt!

Screen Shot 2021-01-30 at 4.41.27 PM|475x500

The asphalt texture only covers 12x12 inches so it’s a pretty small image compared to the surfaces in the model. You will need to get in quite close to see it. You could change the size of the texture by selecting the In Model texture swatch in Materials and then editing it.

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Understood! Thanks.

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