Problem with textures in SketchUp Pro 2016

The problem is that when I go to apply the material to a house did not appear textured color only appears when I already have applied , anyone can help me I would appreciate it . Thank you very much.

You probably need to switch Face Style from shaded to Shaded with Textures in the View menu.

I have it so and only the color but I get :frowning:

How about uploading the SKP file.

But when I open it and I make a painting that picture if I put texture, but when I open the house not only choose, the color

It’s extremely difficult to follow your writing and without seeing your model, there’s no way to tell you exactly what the fix is.

You speak Spanish?

No, I don’t.

For the third time, share the SKP file and we can help you.

I’m new to SketchUp SKP explain to me how Behave ?

The SKP file is what SketchUp creates when you hit Save. Upload that file here.

Sin título.skp (985.6 KB)

That makes it very simple to tell you what the problem is. It’s due to the huge size of your model. Almost 4 Km across the front. What I assume to be the door is almost 1.4 Km tall. Draw your model at the correct size and the texture will look right. Or just zoom in very close to see it.

Also, you need to pay attention to face orientation. the blue-gray color indicates the faces are reversed.


Many thanks :smile:

I am a newbie in this program

Before you worry about applying textures, go through the instructional videos available at and learn to make your drawings properly.

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I’m on it

What happens then is that no English can not see it because I do not understand anything, I’m talking to you through a translator