Why when trying to apply wallpaper only a color appears

Hi guys.
I am trying to apply a wallpaper to a wall but when I do I only see a color why is this.

It would be easier to give you a correct answer if you share the .skp file. Two common reasons, though. One is that the face style is set to Shaded, not Shaded with Texture. The other is that you have modeled your wall much larger than it should be so the texture appears tiny. How tall is the wall that you are working on? Measure it with the Tape Measure tool.

it is 4.5 meters.
well i am not sure how to upload the .skp file. here.
can you tell me how to set face style to shaded with texture?
I would be appreciated.
sorry I am new in Sketchup

Open the menu at the top left corner of the SketchUp screen. Click on Download. Download the .skp file to your computer. Then drag it into a reply here. If it’s too large to upload directly, upload it to Drop Box and share the link.

Screenshot - 7_21_2021 , 6_41_05 AM

Screenshot - 7_21_2021 , 9_55_23 AM

Edit the style.
Screenshot - 7_21_2021 , 9_57_05 AM

And under Face Settings, choose Shaded Textures.

nice reply.
it worked. Thank you

So it was just the face style setting?

oh Yeah