My textures show as only solid colours . Can anyone help?


Change the scale of your model, as in zoom in, or change the View to Shaded with Textures.

I did but it’s stil only showing a s a solid

Give us a clue, add the model or at least a screenshot.

Help us help you. Upload the SketchUp model (SKP file) so we can see what you are working with.

Ok, I will.

There are typically two things that produce this effect:

  • You have the style set to “Shaded”
  • The size of the texture is too small compared to the face you put it on

I just realized how small th texture is and how big my structure is. Thank you.

Hence Zoom in.

So Box was right in the first post.

Yeah I’m an idiot.

Didn’t zoom in enough.

I don’t think anyone was thinking that. It’s a common enough issue, at least with new users, that it wasn’t a difficult guess on Box’s part.