Scaling material texture

Cant get the texture to be of realistic size, my measurement used is 1:1 in terms of meter. Even if i set the proportioned size to. 004 something or up to 4, it is still that flat color.

How about making the model the correct size so the texture looks right without scaling? One course of that brick texture should be about 57mm high. If that doesn’t show up on your model, that would imply you’ve drawn the model too large.

Idk what happened but minutes before i was able to put a texture with the shapes conspicuous, now they are all like that. Flat colored textures

Upload the SketchUp file so we can see it and tell you exactly what’s going on without guessing.

Weird. I closed my project, opened an empty one, created a cube and put a texture, checked the sizing then i closed it. Soon as i opened my project the texture appeared. Wth

Without seeing the model I can only guess and that’s probably not time well spent.

Just guessing, but you might have done something to accidentally change the face style to just colors, no textures.

I have switched that button on and off, applied to surfaces to see if the texture will appear but nothing happened.