Chnaging texture scale

Hi ,
I am new to sketchup and I have a problem. I am currently building a model of a house and am trying to use the SU default textures (bricks,Roofing) and for a reason I cannot comprehend the textures are all turning out so small that they appear as one colour. Where there should be one brick there is over a thousand and i am not sure how to fix it could anyone help me, I know that I could use the coloured pins to re scale the texture but the process is lengthy and I would have to do it to each texture individually.

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@thomthom I am about to post another two images the first Checkerboard Black at a distant perspective ,the second Checkerboard Black zoomed in to maximum capacity, with out entering the structure.

What is the dimensions of that surface?

In SketchUp all dimensions are real-world size.
It would seem your model is gigantic and you’re not aware of its actual size.
Use the Tape Measure tool to investigate and to scale the model to appropriate real-world dimensions.

Tape Measure Tool

@Geo That worked perfectly ,I didn’t realise how much the scale could do ,thanks alot