Texture resize in Sketchup Free

Hello. Im using sketchup free sometimes to make some simple projects.
I dont know when last time before I made project, but I havent any problems, now I have with texture size.

Im working in milimiters, making objects 10-3000 mm of size (kitchen furniture).
And now example, I have a rectangle that has 1024x1024 mm size. Im inserting texture as a material. Texture has 1024x1024 px. And it looks like its always about 25 larger in sketchup web free.
So 1px = 25mm…

If I want to have a proper size, I need to downsize texture 25 times so I lose details for my objects.

I think its made in purpose to lower functionality of free version, but maybe there is a solution?

One I think is making everything in bigger scale.

If you’ve applied the texture to the faces in the model, you can right click on a textured face, choose Texture>Position and then resize the texture with the pins.
Screenshot - 4_21_2021 , 1_05_11 PM

Screenshot - 4_21_2021 , 1_05_33 PM

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■■■■, thank you! Not exactly you said, but there is a way you leaded me too.

After making rectangle 1024x1024 mm (for texture 1024x1024 px) and adding a texture as a material to it, its displayed like I want. After right-click - there is an option “make unique texture” - that makes a texture with size 1px:1mm scale, not 25x bigger as before.

After such operation I can use that new material wherever I want and it has a proper size.

Thanks alot!

Well, as a hobbyist you should be able to manage with this.

Why are you making a 1024 x 1024 mm rectangle to import your texture to? Why don’t you make it the real world dimensions of the texture? When I create my own wood grain materials I will make rectangles to match the size of the texture, not the number of pixels. if my image is of a board that is 8 feet long, I draw a rectangle that is 8 feet long and apply the texture to that. That makes the texture the right size from the beginning and I don’t need to resize it.

Because I need a material with same resolution for many objects of different sizes.
I also know real size of photo that I use as a material texture. I know that 1024 pixels are like 1024 mm +/-.
Doing it my way I import texture just once, and if I use it for multiple objects (sometimes 50 or more) - texture has same scale (matches with other objects), no matter if object has 10mm or 3 meters.

That works perfect to me, need a few second more work at the begging, then goes fast and easy.

Doing it my way does that, too. the resulting texture is the correct size no matter how large the model is.

For first object it does offcourse. I’ve done that same way before and yes it works. But I faced problem when I added same material to second object, and problem appeard with that second object. First one was displayed correctly, second one - same material, but 25x bigger texture.

You must be missing a step. I’ve been using the method I described for more than a decade. But since you have a process that works for you, no more need be said.

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