Texture Creation and use

I’m just starting to create textures to make specific groups of books for a library. On my first attempt I made a fairly detailed single rectangle saved as a jpg in 72 dpi and weighting in at 1.2m

I then created a new material in SketchUp using the same measurements as in Photoshop.

I then made a face the same size and applied the texture.

First problem was that the texture aligned itself vertically. So I scrapped the face and made one the other way. Still aligned incorrectly.

So I swapped the dimensions in the material and tried twice more on the faces. Each time is stubbornly refused to align in the correct direction.

So I ignored that and manually rotated the texture on the face. Once all nicely aligned I zoomed in to the same distance as in photoshop and the quality was pretty much unreadable.

Looking at the skp file the size was the material plus a few bytes so I don’t think there was any compression.

Anyone have any idea what is going on and hopefully shed some light on what I am doing wrong?

I’m using 2017 Make if that is relevant.

Attached is the texture:

can you attach the full size image?

the 78KB one you posted will always look pixelated…

you can zip it first so it plays nice on the forum…


Hmmm, the forum must have compressed it. As you suggested I’ve put it in
a zip shell. Let’s see if that works better.

WS Thai.zip (1.11 MB)